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  • 6,400,000 Pencils Manufactured

    The Most Popular Pencil of India

    Hindustan Pencils Pvt. Ltd. is the largest pencil manufacturing company in India. Established in 1958, we have mastered the art of making high quality stationery products. With the latest machinery set up, today our
    state-of-the-art manufacturing units daily produce 6.4 million pencils, 1.4 million sharpeners, 2.4 million
    erasers, 0.2 million scales, 0.6 million ballpoint pens.

    All our products conform to European CE EN-71 safety standards.

    We believe in manufacturing products of high quality standards. In order to maintain our quality standards ,
    we have integrated backwards. Every little component like pencil lacquer, wood binding glues, sharpener
    blades, screws, ballpoint tips etc… that goes into the making of our products is produced in-house.

    In India our brands Nataraj and Apsara have emerged as household names. In other words, Hindustan Pencils Pvt. Ltd. has personified quality at a competitive price.

    Keeping up with our mission statement ‘Delighting consumers with globally recognized stationery’ we are currently exporting our products to over 30 countries.

    Our Mission

    Delighting consumers with globally recognized stationery.

    Quality Policy

    Hindustan Pencils is committed to manufacture and market quality products of international standards at competitive prices, in the stationery field. Constant effort will be made by the company to meet international safety standards.

    Environment Policy

    Constant effort will be made by the company in improving processes and maximizing utilization of inputs to prevent degradation of the environment. All ingredients used by the company are non-toxic in nature. Wood being one of the main inputs for pencils, efforts are being made to develop plantations to ensure renewal of this precious natural resource. Research & Development efforts are also being made to switch over to eco-friendly water-based lacquers and PVC-free formulations.

  • Given that enduring reliability is the hallmark of our products, understandably, they are manufactured using the most stringent quality controls backed by years of research and development. Our 10 factories at 5 locations in India employ the latest in technology and the best of raw materials to grant to our products the quality, so ingrained in our product development philosophy. Besides developing the machines for manufacture indigenously, every
    component that goes into the making of our products are produced in-house.

    Our concern for the environment has led us to grow our own trees to satisfy our requirements for wood, an
    essential ingredient in pencil manufacture. This practice in turn ensures an uninterrupted supply of wood of
    consistent quality from our own plantations. All said and done, the outcome of our manufacturing process are
    products that offer our customers excellent “Value for Money”.

  • Our commitment to quality, competitive pricing and our enormous manufacturing capacities have carried our products well beyond the Indian shores.

    At present, we export to over 30 countries which include Russia, Turkey, UAE, Yemen, Egypt, Jordan,
    Saudi Arabia, Oman, Syria, Bahrain, Iraq, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Nepal, Philippines, Mauritius,
    Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Algeria, and many more.

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