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      Pencils Manufactured Today

      The Most Popular Pencil of India

      Hindustan Pencils is India’s biggest pencil manufacturer with high quality products being delivered to over 50 countries worldwide.

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      About Us

      Established in 1958, we, Hindustan Pencils Pvt. Ltd. are the largest pencil manufacturer in India. Besides being a household name in India, our brands Nataraj , Apsara & Sivo are exported to over 50 countries.
      Our state-of-the-art manufacturing units with latest machinery set up daily produce 8 million pencils, 1.5 million sharpeners, 2.5 million erasers, 0.2 million scales and 1 million pens.

      Our Mission

      Delighting consumers with globally recognized stationery.

      Quality Policy

      Hindustan Pencils is committed to manufacture and market quality products of international standards at competitive prices. Constant efforts are being made by the company to meet the international safety standards.

      Environment Policy

      The company believes in continuous improvisation of the processes and the maximum utilization of the inputs to prevent degradation of the environment. All ingredients used by the company are non-toxic in nature. Wood being one of the main inputs for pencils, the company ensures the development of plantations, thereby ensuring the renewal of this precious natural resource.

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      Reliability being the hallmark of our products, we manufacture them using the most stringent quality controls backed by years of research and development. Our 10 factories at 5 locations employ the latest in technology and use the best of raw materials to provide unmatched quality to our products.
      Every little component like pencil lacquer,sharpener blades, screws, pen tips are made in-house to ensure impeccable quality standards.

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      Global Sales

      Our commitment to quality, competitive pricing and our enormous manufacturing capacities have carried our products well beyond the Indian shores.

      At present, we export to over 50 countries.


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      Television Commercials

      Nataraj 621 – English (25 secs)
      Nataraj Platinum – English (15 secs)
      Nataraj Grippo – English (25 secs)
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      How are pencils made
      621 Offers
      621 Winner Pencil
      Classic BP
      Grippo BP
      Non Dust Erasers
      Platinum Offer
      Shatter Proof Scale
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      Sustainable Business

      We do not use any forest wood for manufacturing pencils.
      Our concern for the environment has led us to develop our own plantations. Moreover, we procure wood from the farmers who either grow trees on their farm, land or in the court yard of their residential premises. This practice ensures an uninterrupted supply of wood of consistent quality. It also helps protect bio-diversity and maintain ecological balance.
      Constant efforts are being made by the company in improving processes and maximizing utilization of inputs to prevent degradation of the environment.
      All ingredients used by the company are non-toxic in nature.
      Research & Development efforts are also being made to switch over to eco-friendly water based lacquers and PVC-free formulations.

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      Corporate Social Responsibility:

      Hindustan Pencils believes in a greater responsibility towards society and in the betterment of the quality of life.
      We have established institutions to provide education, professional training and accommodation facilities to girls in India:

      • Hindustan college of Arts & Commerce
      • Triveniben Jamnadas Girls High School
      • Nataraj Education Trust

      Our company is also associated with a few other noteworthy institutions:

      • Nataraj Research Centre & Training College Bhavnagar, Gujarat: The institute provides quality teacher training in the areas of rehabilitation, paramedical and special education on cerebral palsy, mental retardation, hearing impairment and other impairments.
      • Nataraj Special School for Children with Cerebral Palsy Bhavnagar, Gujarat: The institute has been providing treatment and education to about 200 children.
      • KLJ Institute of Deaf and Dumb: The institute conducted rural program for polio corrective surgery in Gujarat, examining over 4 lakh children and performing 1.5 lakh surgeries. It also carried out Rubella vaccination of young women from 13 to 35 years of age to prevent birth of children with congenital anomalies.